Thursday, 28 February 2008

Our morning pray

From the blessings of all of our Gods and deities,from the blessings of our relatives and friends,our beloved daughter AARJU is getting better day by day. She has been admitted since 1 st February, 008 to the teaching hospital of Goettingen University, Germany.

Our Nepalese friends residing in Goettingen, gave us moral supports. Their supports during this difficult times was really intrumental. Archana jee, Baburam Family, Netra Family, Rosan Family, Jitendra and Ajayajee provided us lots of supports. We will never forget their blessings and supports to our family.

Our classmates especially Rodine Tschiofo, Sabine Schreiner gave us moral support. We are thankful to them.

Our Professor, teachers and all the colleagues joined us for praying our daughter. They deserve our hearty thanks.

Above all, the kinder heart center of Goettingen university, the Surgeons Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Ruschewski, Prof. Dr. Thomas Paul, Schreiner, Dr. Sigler, Sister Elizabeth, Sister Andrea, Sister Paulina and all the staffs are very kind to us hence would like to extend our gratitude to them.

DAAD and our insurance helped us alot during this difficult time. Our contact person for DAAD Birgit Skailes helped us at the utmost. We, K.C. family, is really thankful to her.

In this movie, we are showing the Hindu deities and Gods with whom we prayed throughout these periods. Our many friends prayed with their respective Gods. Christian Friends prayed with Jesus, ISlam friends prayed with Allah, Buddhist friends prayed with Budhha for the recovery of our daughter. We are really thankful to them and with all almighty God.

These events proved that there is still the humanity exist on earth irrespective of different religions, customs, and systems.

We are really thankful to all of you.

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