Saturday, 29 March 2008

Goettingeli Nepalese Samaj members left for Nepal to contribute in CA election

We are very lucky and thankful to few of our family members, who went to Nepal to support and cast vote in upcoming Election for Constituent Assembly. Since this election is considered as the event that comes in life time, our members managed time and other things to go and support the nation building process. Irrespective of party politics, they are there only to contribute the national agenda of CA election. That is too worthy. (photo: Mr. Netra Bhandari, discussing about CA election and our responsibilities recently held in Goettingen)
People living outside country doesnot mean that they are away from national agenda and responsibilities. They, as the conscious and somewhat resouceful civilians, have more responsiblities than other common people. Hence, 4 members of our Goettingeli Nepalese Samaj, Germany left for Nepal. Mr. Netra Bhandari, Ms. Archana Gauli, Mr. Babu Ram Rijal and Mrs. Pratima Rijal, all chose this time to go there for contributing the CA election. Irrespective of party politics, they are there to cast vote for capable candidates.
We, as the Goettingeli Samaj, would like to thank for their dedication towards nation and efforts they made to fulfill the national agenda. As popular saying, drops and drops make the sea, their efforts and contribution will also make the national agenda come true. We salute your endeavors, all of four dear friends ! Also, would like to request other Nepalese friends from all over the world, to contribute at the fullest capacity to create environment and successful CA election.

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