Thursday, 13 March 2008

Maoist are getting majority in CA election due to terror spread

As we have just 4 weeks to go for the election of Constituent Assembly, NCP Moist are seemed to win the election. Not only the popular support from people do they have (in their words!), they have the power of money, muscle and mandalein. As they notice that they are going to loose the election, they have lost the sense and tried to fool the people. They are obstructing the election programmes of other parties. They beat the former state minister Dilendra Badu in the Darchula, and most recently yesterday, they attacked the MP Dev Shanker Poudel in Ramechhap. It shows their loosing mentality.
Government is unable to stop their anarchy. People are in terror. With this terrification, they are going to win the CA election from many hilly and remote parts of Nepal. We would like to congratulate them for the success of terrifying the voters and getting the votes, and would like to welcome the anarchism in the country in future. Nepalese people are destined to tolerate all these. (photo: Dev Shanker Poudel, candidate of UML brutal attacked)

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