Saturday, 29 March 2008

Personal website operated by candidate: first time in Nepal

This news does not intend to influence people to vote or not for Narahari Acharya, it just like to praise his intellectuality and creativity in utilizing modern means of information technology.
Today, while surfing the internet, I found a link that is created and published by Narahari Acharya targeting his success in upcoming CA election. As far as my knowledge, this is first time in Nepal, individual candidate has been published website to let know voters and people about him. This might be very small things but giant steps in Nepal.
The intellectual like him can only do something new in Nepal. He is profound leaders with creativity and full of intellectuals. He has been fighting inside Nepali Congress Party for internal freedom and democratization. He was one of the most prolific leader fighting against Gyanendra's dynasty. He was one of the visionaries for reconstructing Nepal and holding CA election, however he has been kept backside even inside his own party. I donot know whether he win or loss, and also does not ask anyone to vote for him or not, but he is one of the person who should be provided opportunity to materialize his vision on restructing Nepal whether via. election or else way.
The links of his website is:

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