Sunday, 16 March 2008

WELCOME Party for Seven Nepalese Friends

These are some memorable photos for welcome party to our Seven nepalese friends from Institute of Forestry, Nepal who have arrived on 13 th March, 2008 Goettingen for the 3 months student exchange programme between IOF and Hochschule, Goettingen. We would like to heartly welcome all these friends. Among seven friends, 3 are female and 4 are males. 5 of them are from IOF, Pokhara Campus and 2 are from Hetauda Campus. This is very good initiation from IOF, it should be continued in future also. We, as the Goettingenli Nepalese Samaj, would like to welcome all of these friends and extend our best wishes for their successful and pleasant stay here in Goettingen.
The programme was held at the apartment of Baburam Rijal. We would like to thank him and his family for the nicest arrangements and best hospitality to all of us.

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आकार said...

लौ ? मिलन दाजु ले के तानेको बोतलबाट ! सफ्ट हो कि हार्ड नै हो ! हेहे :)