Saturday, 5 April 2008

Ram Prasad Mainali: A terrorist in the name of religion

This is the notorious Ram Prasad Mainali, chair person of socalled Nepal Defence Army. This terrorists groups, unknown about its capacity and members, are demanding Nepal to redeclare as Hindu Nation. This group claimed that they have thrown boms to a mosque in Biratnagar, the second largest city in Nepal, last week killing two people. This man was arrested few months ago and escaped due to the loophole of Nepalese Judiciary Systems. Now, he is in publicity. He is uspposed to finance by some Hindu extremists from Nepal and India as well as King Gyanendra. People ask the government to arrest him and put into the Jail legally. He said that he wants to start religious war against the declaration of Nepal as secular country. He might have been thinking that if Hindus who are 83% of population in the country, supports him, he can hold the big position and leadership. But, none of Nepalese, none Hindu accepts him and his terrorist activities and also they donot like the idea of naming country with one religion since the nation has no religion.

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