Saturday, 12 April 2008

UML General Secretary lost the election

As the unexpected success to the Moist is coming the General Secretary of CPN UML, Mr. Madhav Kumar Nepal lost the election from Kathmandu Constituency No. 2. He has been defeated by simple leader of CPN (Maoist) Mr. Jhakku Prasad Subedi who was the former district development committee chairman of Rolpa district. When the elected District Chairman, Jhakku Subedi was arrested and brutally beaten by Police in Custody (due to suppressive role of then Congressi Goverment and CDO Abdul Rais Khaa), then Jana Morcha was forced to start Maoist Movement in 2052 B.S.
The unexpected victory to Maoist and defeat to UML show that there is no space for the party having dual standard. Madhav Nepal however is honest, but blamed to be dual standards saying neither thing is wrong category.
The defeat of General Secretary is big blow to CPN (UML).

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