Saturday, 10 May 2008

My Small Research Work for Master Thesis

Zymogram created from MNR enzyme: the bands are not clearThe Zymogram from SKDH enzymes creates several band: Tilia spps
Different staining buffers provide different stains after electophoresis of Tilia spps.
The researchers in the field works: all of them are Ph.D. students who were helped me alot during bud collection

The Linden (Tilia spps) which is the subject of my research
This is the research site in Hainich National Park
For my master thesis, I am asked to work on Tilia spps from Germany. I am doing the isoenzyme and DNA tests in identifying the spps. There are two different species of Tilia. One is Tilia cordata Mill. and another is Tilia playtyphyllos Scop. Also, there are hybrid Tilia due to crossing of these two different but compatible species. My main objective is to identify the species from collected samples.
I have collected buds from 330 Linden trees. At the moment, I have started my lab works where I have already worked with Isozyme electrophoresis which is meant to know the species. I am following the manual developed by M. Fromm (2001), the former Ph.D. student at the Institute of Forest Genetics and Tree Breeding in Georg August University, Germany.
If any of you have special suggestions related to modifying objectives, methodologies and else are kindly requested. The literatures about Linden tree (Tilia spps) will be highly appreciated and acknowledged.