Monday, 19 May 2008

Our beloved daughter Aditi recovered from illness

Aditi at home
Aditi at Child Wagon
Our beloved daughter Aditi Devkota has been completely well now. Since few months, she has been troubled with minor health illness such as stomachache, fever, flu etc. Due this problems, she was admitted for 2 weeks in Goettingen University Teaching Hospital where she was treated well since this is one of the best hospital with full of experts and all modern equipments available in the world.
She was examined there and found no big problems. Even when she was in Hospital she was seemed normal however sometimes she used to cry due to stomachache and insisted to leave hospital as the soonest possible.
She has already discharged from Hospital last week and now she is completely fine and normal. Nowadays, she has already started playing, eating and all the normal activities of child. She brought lots of smiles in our faces by recovering well. We are very happy to share the well recovery of her health. We hope and pray for her better health.