Thursday, 26 June 2008

12 years' old boy: the real Hero of life

This is the photo of 12 years old (class one student at government school)Nepalese real Hero and his father. Why do I call this boy as a Hero? He is not the actor, but the rescuer of 2 and half years old girl from the mouth of death.

The unknown girl named Ardhana, was unknowingly dropped down, and stopped in between narrow gorge of Seti river. When their parents knew that their beloved daughter has dropped down into narrow river, and she has been crying for help. They tried all the possible things to rescue her. The experts were summoned from capital, the army men and policemen all tried to rescue her. But, the gorge was so narrow, no one can reach there. But even after 22 hours of repeated attempts, the rescuers weren't able to bring the child back up. As the gorge was very narrow, the rescue teams were having great trouble in entering it to the depth where they thought they would have any chance to save the child.

On this difficult situation, this 12 years old Kamal Nepali, came as the angel and went down with the help of rope. She reached near to the girl, asked her as Nanu (sister) and fed her some juice, then put her into bag and took him out succesfully. This rare event has made him very popular. His brevity and his kindness to rescue other by putting his own life at risk should be respected. He has been one of the most popular man in Nepal at the moment.
Aradhana was immediately rushed to Manipal Teaching Hospital by ambulance. She was admitted to Intensive Care Unite at first. But later doctors involved in her treatment said that she didn't have any serious internal or external injuries and her condition was normal.