Thursday, 19 June 2008

Germany entered into semifinal of Euro 2008

The sóccer power Germany has been showing alround game dominating the Portuegese in Euro 2008. Until now the score is 2-0 (Germany-Portugal).

Sweinistian scored marvellous goal in the cross given by Podoski. And, second goal was done my Mislav Klose in the chance created by Sweinstian in Free Kick. However, the Portugal is behind in goal score, but they are showing good game.

Portugal scored one goal just one minute ago. Their captain scored at the bounce back ball from Ronaldo.

Germany captain Michael Ballak scored (at 61') through perfect head and made him glorious captain. At the moment, Portugal returned one more goal narrowing the gap 3-2.

People can see euro score live streaming by CCTV via