Wednesday, 16 July 2008

BABU RAM RIJAL leaves Goettingen

Nowadays, we are loosing our Nepalese friends from Goettingen. Some friends had already left Goettingen after completion of their study in respective fields. Few friends are in outside Goettingen for their research work.
Very recently, one of most honored friend, Babu Ram Rijal left Goettingen yesterday to continue his Ph.D. in the USA. He has been offered very good position to continue Ph.D. in University of Maine, the USA in the field of Forest Biometrics (!). As he is highly qualified, competitive Nepalese student full of all merits, so been offered by many academic and job opportunities from many wellknown universities and research centers. Among many offers, he chose the offer by "University of Maine" where he found his dream coming true. (Photo: BR Rijal who is always ready to serve others)
Baburam Rijal, was here for four years (2004-2008). He had already completed M.Sc. in Tropical and International Forestry(TIF) from Georg August University of Goettingen, Germany. Right before departure, he was doing Ph.D. in Forest Biometrics here too. He will be continuing the same Position (Ph.D.) there in the USA also.
As the valuable member of Goettingen Alumni, we wish all the success in his personal and professional career. With his departure, we will be losing his direct guidance and assistance to us. There is not a single person (Nepalese) in Goettingen, who have not been assisted by him during his stay. All of us will certainly miss him for many reasons. He was always ready to help everybody. Especially me and my family was destined to have his company, and we were benefited a lot with his presence. During the difficult moments, we always remember him at the first and ask for help. What a miraculous personality does he bear who never get tire by helping others ! Simplicity, hardworking, honesty and helping others are few jewels on his crown. We, as the members of GöNes (Goettingeli Nepalese Samaj) hope for his further support and alround success in his life.