Sunday, 6 July 2008

Still Monarchism (HMG) in governmental website in Nepal

Right now (6th july, 2008, 23:30 pm) when I was surfing through the governmental website of Ministry of Education and Sports, I was surprised when I saw the HMG (His Majestic Government of Nepal) instead of Nepal Government.
Nepal has already been declared as federal republic government and monarchism has been abolished. Then King Gyanendra have already left the palace and then Crown Prince left the country, however in the official website of Education ministry, still there is HMG. What a surprise and the example of carelessness. Any of you can find it on following address:
There are senior minister Pradeep Nepal, state minister Mohan Singh Rathaur, Secretary, under secretaries, section officer, computer operators, all they claim themselves as the most academic persons and care for the betterment of all the education systems in Nepal. But, their incapability, carelessness and irresponsibilities could be seen in this website. Since they are not getting a penny (money) from updating their websites, they donot like to pay attention on their website. "No extra money, no work" is the basic motto might be theirs. They intends salary for attending (signing the attendance register) and ask for the money if they do any works. What a shame to whole country!