Saturday, 23 August 2008

PM addresses the nation

I like the content of his addresses to nation. He is the brave man to directly indicate that we donot want Indian imperialism. I respect his feeling and words irrespective of political ideology. He started his speech with great satire to outsiders infiltration to our internal matters.
He is the only one prime minister who dared to visit China, even after the oppose from Indian government. Who is Indian Government to dictate us to visit or not to visit some country! Why do they dare to say that "the prime minister" should visit India at the first. We are sovereign country and as the government head, our prime minister has right to say that I will visit the country of my choice whenever I like.
I like the courage shown by Maoist and Prachanda to visit China rather than India. In China, he will certainly find platform to stand shoulder to shoulder to world leader. Great going! Keep up firmly stand against Indian imperialism.

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