Friday, 15 August 2008

Poor Governmental Website in Nepal

By Rajendra K.C.

At present age of information technology, the roles being played by internet and website are quite important. Every sector and every people in developed country has been attached with the internet. Since few years the Nepalese people are also getting benefit with the development of internet services inside country. Increasing number of Cyber cafes has been playing vital roles to popularize (or let's say to familiarize) about internet facilities among Nepalese. None, however there is mushrooming organization from governmental and non governmental sectors involvement, played the expected roles to improve the situation. The development of IT inside country is solely due to the efforts from people. The government and so called NGOs and Commission are doing nothing except lip service.
Nowadays, almost all ministries, all departments have opened up their websites. The education ministry, Forest and soil conservation ministry, and all have their own sites. Almost all departments, Commissions, Municipalities are proud to say that they have their own sites and
they use to request people to be benefited by their websites. They also do not forget to claim that these sites are regularly updated and quite informative. These claims sound funny and bitter jokes!
If we visits the websites operated by Governmental agencies in Nepal, then we wi
ll find very old and outdated information. Generally they update only the name of their departmental chief. No other information they like to update. If we try to find the recent information, then it is impossible to find it through these websites. The person who can update the name of changed Director General or Chiefs also could change the outdated information or put useable information to public.
It sounds quite strange. Every department, every ministries belongs almost all facilities required for sound operation of their websites. They have computer officer, computer, software, budgets, skilled man power, almost all essentials but no one is taking responsibility to update their websites. Every department has so called talented, most understood IT personnel, self claimed development agents, but......... .they never cared to update their websites.
For example, when we surf the website of Department of Forests, Department of Forest Research and Survey, Department of National Parks and Wildlife Conservation and Department of Soil and Watershed Conservation etc, it looks like the bitter jokes. With their websites, people can get no infor
mation useful to them. Who cares about who is in which position! Only the name of their employees, their position and place which is also quite old and stale, will never be the interests of general people in most cases. Still the website of ministry of Education and Culture proudly announce that they are under the His Majesty’s Government even after the proclamation of Republic Nepal two years back.

It can be seen at :

These mistakes are not due to that they do not have information to share. Also the motive “No extra money: No work” has tremendously worked behind it. They have much information useful to citizens, researchers and other concerned people. Let's talk about the Department of Forests as the example; they have many things to be done via. their website. They have quite good database about Community Forest User Groups, Leasehold Forest Groups and such others. They have also the data regarding the sale of Timber and Non Timber Forest Products. The royalties collected the annual budgets of department, the annual and quarterly progress report of departments, everything could be shared and these information really values to people. District wise data base could be kept into it.

Moreover, if wanted from the heart, the ThekkaPatta (Contracts) etc could be run fairly thorough its websites. We have experienced that during the sale of timber or during such other contract (eg Ration / construction) etc., the field level offices have been facing real difficulties to bear threatening from hooligans. The muscle man used to stop other people from buying and tendering the forms. The illegal nexus of muscle and power broker poses life threats to the district officers who want to smooth operation of it. These kinds of nexus can be broken if we rightly utilize the departmental website. The official can provide the tender form to the website, and during collection of website, the royalties charge should be asked to submit. But, who cares about the benefit of the government and departments since it provides no benefits to them, and there is no real recognition for those who wants work hard and for the benefit of the nation.

All these are just the examples of carelessness and poses vision of possibilities for improvement. All the departments have all the facilities and allocated budget to improve this but who cares for it ...........? ! Which responsible officers like to make it working since it is not benefiting them personally.. .......?! Anyone who likes to check it can surf:
I think this is not only the story of our ministries, but also our commissions and embassies are doing the same negligence. Why? Only with the small attempts and little added budgets, they can provide a lot of and updated information to many readers benefiting the country and government. But they need dedication and devotion which is lacking in Nepal and among Nepalese officers.
We request all to take prompt action to regularly update their sites. If not possible, then it is better not to have rather than having funniest and insulting information which will allow others to make fun about you and us.

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