Saturday, 4 October 2008

Dashain Rehearsal party ko kehi photos

As we organised two parties for the preliminary session of Dashain party in Dev Raj apartment, we drunk too much (?) either alcohol or juice, but we were really drunk and enjoyed alot! We all are going to Tropentag to Stuttgart, we will not be able to celebrate Dashain in Goettingen with our family, we will remember this "Subhakamana Aadan Pradan Party" alot. Jaba Nasha Chadchha, Aafnai Aaula Ganna Thalinchha !!!

Jhol jhal ho bhanam bhane biswas garna sakiyena, Hoina bhane ke gareko Thaha chahiyo sathi ho!!!
Hoina ho.........Ek pyala, 3 piune wala! K ho sathi haru!!!
Khai, ma aafai dui jana le bokna parne gari piyechhu!!! Hussu Ma!!!!


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