Monday, 27 October 2008

"EVEREST" rice in Goettingen

This is not a big news, however I was attracted with the name "EVEREST" Basmati rice in one of the super market in Goettingen. I generally used to be fascinated by name "EVEREST" or such other related to Nepal.
When I was looking some food items in a super market called "Tegut", I found a rack with the well packed rice, and the brand name was "EVEREST". I thought some rice mills such as Hulas or Golchha etc exported the rice from Nepal to Germany, but it was not the case! Some Indian company produced it and labelled EVEREST for the Basmati rice. Upto now, it was somewhat Ok, but when I read the description, it was said that it is produced in the "Himalayas" I became astonished. Since the rice which are being caultivated at the highest altitude in the world is "MARCEY" from Jumla/Nepal and this is not certainly the brand for Basmati.
Basmati generally used to grow in low land or in tropical areas but never in the Himalayas. Anyway, it seems funny and trading policy. The price per Kg is little costly 3.99 Euro, so I could not taste the quality, at the moment however I have taken some photos in my mobile but due to some difficulties, I couldnot download and place it here.
Similarly, I saw another advertisement in another supermarket "Lidl" today about organic Nepalese Coffee. They are going to sell Nepalese coffee there shortly. Also, they are mentioning the Everest to recognise nepal and the product coffee. What a nice word to hear in Goettingen! Although these very small things, but these things certainly popularise the name of our country and create interests about Nepal to the people of the developed world.


आकार said...

...anyway, u got Everest... hehehe

Anonymous said...

Was the rice you found in Goettingen the same as is sold by this company?