Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Few rare photos of Nepalese leaders

This is the former Narayanhity Roayal Palace. Prior PM of Nepal Girija Prasad Koirala got salute infront of that palace, where he was not even permitted to enter for discussion with, during king's direct rule! What a change that Nepal experienced !

This is the photo of Late Madan Bhandari, then General Secretary of Nepal Communist Party (UML) and Madhav Kumar Nepal. This photo was taken by Journalist Kishor Shrestha during their visit to Tanakpur barrage. Madan Bhandari was one of the most popular leader of Nepal who had vision and mission, but unfortunately killed (?!) in mysterious road accident at Das Dhunga, Nepal. The photo of present strongman of UML Madhav Kumar Nepal seems quite funny. During his tenure of 14 years in party, they lost all the "nationalistic commintment" and never dared to raise the issue of "Susta" and "Kalapani" encroachment by India when his party was rulling.
(Photos: Kishor Shrestha)
This is the photo of first elected communist prime minister of Nepal Late Man Mohan Adhikari. He was on "field observation" to the floods in Janakpur in 1992. This year lots of people died in Janakpur zone due to the floods of Bagmati and other streams. I am posting this photo just to share the "simplicity" of great man. Man mohan Adhikari is on the middle with national cap.

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