Friday, 3 October 2008


The formal East and West Germany unified on 3 October, 1990 after long standing as separate and independent countries. This unification demonstrates that the world is for unity, harmony and prosperous growth, not for conflict, ill competition and division. After the unification, the heart and soul of the people from both countries are so merged and intermixed to each other, none feels that they are discriminated. This is the success of German reunification to establish the norms in the world.
On 3 October 1990, when the five re-established states of the German Democratic Republic (GDR / East Germany) joined the Federal Republic of Germany (FRG / West Germany), and Berlin was united into a single city-state, they reunified into one.
After Second world war, Germany was divided into three countries namely West Germany (248,577 sq km and 63,254,000 inhabitants) , East Germany (108,333 km² and 16,111,000 inhabitants) and Saarland (2570 km² and 1,045,000 inhabitants).
East Germany was a socialist state created by the Soviet Union in the Soviet Zone of occupied Germany and the Soviet sector of occupied Berlin. East Germany existed from October 7, 1949 until October 3, 1990, when its re-established states acceded to the adjacent Federal Republic of Germany (West Germany), thus producing the current form of the state of Germany. The reunification of former East and West Germany is among the most successful reunification of the countries in the world.
“Unity and Justice and freedome” is the official motto of present Germany. We would like to extend our best wishes and congratulation to the all of German and their well wisher " A very happy reunification day".

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