Sunday, 19 October 2008

Nepalese event in Goettingen

(Photo: nepalese dressed women in Darjeeling, India)
First time in the history of Goettingen, Germany, there is going to be held a "Nepalese event" on 29th November, 2008. Nepalese students living in Goettingen, with support from khg, are going to organise a nepalese programme on Saturday, 29 th November on the city center. The nepalese cultural programme, power point presentation about Nepal and Nepalese, nepalese foods and beverages are the highlights of the programme. Bhrat Budthapa says, "We are going to show popular Deuda on the event", Devraj Gautam adds, "moreover, the cellroti (round cake!) are going to be another highlight." Rajendra mentions, "The folk dance from Ajaya Kunwar is certainly going to attract many maiden" Rosan adds "the Nepalese tea will naturally spread the flavour of Nepal in Goettingen." Students living in Goettingen are highly excited to displays the rich nepalese culture and cutoms.(Photo: nepalese costume (right) and a Nepalese student decorated with national identity (source: Internet).
The main purpose of the "nepalese event" is to collect some funds to spend on medicines and some equipments to support the government hospital in Dolkha, Nepal. All the food and beverage served there, will earn money to be spent in Dolkha. With this event, we are expecting to collect around 2000 euro to support philanthropic hospital.
Nepalese people living in and around Goettingen, such as Kassel and Hannover are also invited. If there are any cultural groups living nearby are requested to participate the programme. The organiser will bear the transportation and accomodation cost for them.
Let's not to miss the opportunity to give very good impression about Nepal to German as well as other foreigners. Let's work hard to make it grand success!


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Baburam said...

Great! The information can be announced Germanywide so that the people interested can come.
I wish good luck to the program.