Saturday, 11 October 2008

Our Dashain celebration at Goettingen, Germany

We shared "DASHAI TIKA" today at our family, in Goettingen, Germany. I was not in Goettingen on the Day of TIKA (Dashami), so our family didnot take tika on that day. I was in Hohenheim, Stuttgart to participate in international seminar named as "TROPENTAG", therefore my family members in Goettingen, couldnot take tika.
Today, as our fasting day, we thought it might be the best day to put tika on our forehead and bless family members. So, we took the tika however we missed our senior family members. Our parents (father, mother, father in law, mother in law), brothers, brothers in law, sisters and other have been remembered a lot. We missed them however we know that their blessings are always with us. We hope that we will celebrate next Dashain and Tihar on their lap. Mata Durga Bhawani will provide this destiny to us!!

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