Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Social Project about our country Nepal

The khg (Katholische hochschulgemeinde goettingen) are planning to organise social project Nepal in November 2008. Therefore, they have requested to participate the pre-project discussion with Nepalese and other students living in Goettingen.
khg is the Katholische organisation that wants to make it as the philanthropic place to interact to all irrespective of the religions, cast and nationalities. I have borrowed the introductory paragraph about the organisation from their official website that mentions as "the khg, located in the heart of the city (Kurze Strasse 13) is a community where newcomers are welcome and where conversation is never lacking. As Catholic Christians we welcome all students and university personnel, regardless of their religious background or national heritage to be a part of our community."
Daniela Ramb from "khg" invited all of us to participate on the discussion about upcoming social project. Daniela further requested "Please have a look wheter you have contacts to culture-groups, like singing,dancing or music. It would be very nice to have a culture-programm. Please bring telefone numbers or internet adresses to our meeting."
A person from the khg organisation has already visited our Embassy in Germany, and collected few papers, documents, poster, maps and CDs relating Nepal. The meeting is going to be held on 16th October, 2008 at 6 pm. The venue of meeting is khg center in Kurze strasse-13, Goettingen. (Kurze strasse is around 5 minute walk from Famous Ganseliesel straight towards Rathaus)! Whoever are interested are welcome on the given address and time!

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