Sunday, 5 October 2008

Two posters to be presented in Tropentag 2008

These posters are posted here for your valuable comments so that I can correct and improve it tomorrow (before 6th september, 2008).

Anyway, I presented both posters on Tropen tag-2008 at the university of Hohenheim, Germany. As an inexperienced man, I made some weaknesses while presenting the posters. For the poster on CF, I took longer time than prescribed, and I spoke quite speedly making others difficult to resist. And, for another poster I couldnot mention some important aspects of the posters. As a common human being, I myself is not satisfied with my presentation. There is lots of aspects to improve in my presentation skills.

I would like to heartly thank B. Gautam Jee and on unknown commenter for providing valuable suggestions however due to some technical problems, I couldnot incorporate their feedback into my posters. Anyway, I am really thankful to both of them and hopefully I will get further suggestions in my future endeavors.
If I will find time, I will upload these presentation on youtube and shared with you via this website.


micro cap stocks said...

not bad.

BasantG said...

looks good
nice layout and colorful!!
Easy to understand for a person not from the same field. I just went through the poster on the left.

On the result and discussion section I would write comment(explanation)on each figure separately. The explanation on the same box looks more text on single place.

Good luck!!