Friday, 7 November 2008

Please, donot watch this movie !

If you see this movie, probably you will not resist yourself to hate politicians. How and in what level our ministers (former) used to talk and behave in foreign soils, could be seen in the movie. Not needed to say that they are in official visit to the USA. Probably, they have gone there to participate in UN convention. What a pity that we have such a lowhead leaders ! What a shame that they never think seriously about the betterment of Nepal and Nepalese. Drinking (alcohol!), smoking and watching (indian movie in TV) made the movie sufficient to hate the leaders. Donot forget (if you watch the movie) to listen the slangs used by Aftab. Afterward, may be the author of this movie delete it from the site, it is better record it again if someone want to keep it as proof to scold this leader in future.
In the movie we can see former minister Aftab Alam, Tek Bahadur Chokhyal, Ananda Prasad Dhungana and others. In the later part, we can see Mahendra Bdr. Pande (UML) who is seen tired and bored with this kind of Faltoo discussion.

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आकार said...

ओहो !
हैन, क्या हो यस्तो ??
जे मन लाग्यो बोलेको छ ॥
साँच्चै, यो भिडियो चाँहि कसले बनाएको हो ???
मैले भिडियो अन्तिम सम्म भने हेरेको छैन, कारण उही ताल को त हो नि, नेपाल मा इन्टरनेट को स्पिड !