Saturday, 1 November 2008

GöNeS successfully organised much waited "talk programme"

Goettingen Nepalese Society (GöNeS) organised today a presentation about "The role of Nepalese Diaspora in the Constitution Building of Nepal." Netra B. Bhandari gave a very nice and lively presentation about the topic. Participants raised various queries after the presentation regarding the ways and means to be contributed in building the constitution of Nepal. The participants have agreed and realised about their responsibilities to act towards making favourable environment to assist to form the most democratic and inclusive constitution within mandated time period. What a coincidence that at the same day when we are organising talk programme about constitution making in Nepal, the UN General Secretary Banki Moon was addressing the Nepalese Constituent Assembly mentioning the importance of constituting the new constitution in Nepal. He in his speech praised heartedly about the "success of peace process" in Nepal.
Our next presentation would be held in Albrecht Thaer Weg 24d/11 at the last Saturday of this month. The presenter would be Dr. Ajaya Jang Kunwar. All the people are welcome to participate the programme.

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