Sunday, 2 November 2008

Jeetendra is leaving for the Philipinnes

Our fríend Mr. Jeetendra Mahat is leaving for the Philipinnes on tomorrow (3 November 2008) for the research work on there. He will be working on the soil science under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Edzo Veldkamp. He will be working in close coordinátion with the Leyte University of the Philipinnes. He will be working there for a month. He will work in the Cebu islands of the Philipinnes. The "Cebu" city is the second largest city in the Philipinnes behind Manila.
We would like wish all the best for his journey and extend our heartly wishes for his successful completion of the research!
As all we wished, he has already reached to destination and started his field works. We wish everything perfect there with him and his team!

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