Friday, 7 November 2008

A most colourful wedding ceremony that I ever visited!!!

...............................................................................By Lok Nath Paudel
I had recently got an opportunity to join a program in Stuttgart organized by world renowned Merceedes Benz Company. It is a famous place where everyday 2000 wedding ceremonies are performing since long back. The brides come either from Stuttgart downtown or from Berlin who meet their respective grooms at Sindelfingen, Stuttgart. About 36,000 people (20% of them are females) work daily to make the ceremony a grand success. About 2700 Robots work here regularly utilizing1700 tons of materials/day. The total area occupied by the company is around 2.9 Sq. km. How many weddings have been completed for the particular day at any moment can be observed on the screen round the clock. The total path that all the grooms to travel inside the company, altogether, is around 220 km. They need not to travel by themselves but are carried on by the conveyer belts. After the wedding, a pair becomes a single entity and according to the colour, capability, environmental friendly and on the basis of some other already set criteria, a single entity can be priced from 15,000 to 5,00,000 Euros! The wedding ceremony of each pair completes when the bride punches her respective groom into 24 points with her sharp and robust parts! After punching, the pair becomes a single identity. Every visitor can look each and every activity going on during the ceremony but taking photo is strictly prohibited! Even though, I was well equipped with the camera, I could not take a photo inside the hall. Among 2000 identities, about 40% are black, majority of them will go to USA and rest are of different colours. They will be sent to 180 countries of the world including Germany. The company is highly efficient in performing the task. One of the executive members of the Board of Company had explained us that everything was made possible because they follow the policy: “Right Person at Right Time in Right Place”. After the ceremony, every visitor can enjoy with very delicious meals as he/she wishes but payment of the bills depend upon which organization you belong with. You can see few pictures of the dinner ceremony where photo taking was allowed.
Now, I would like to request to our respective readers to tell us what was the wedding ceremony about? The first person, who can answer correctly within 12 hours of uploading this clip in the website of GöNeS, will be rewarded with a wonderful prize. I look forward to seeing your answer with the comments in the GöNeS website itself or to the email address: paudelloknath@


rajendra said...

Is it the sell of produced cars? I think that more than 2000 cars are being sold out everyday, majority of them are in Black colour.

Anonymous said...

Interesting article! In the beginning, I was supposed that the marriage ceremony is of real man and woman. However I am very late to give your answer, of course Rajenrajee gave the partly right answer. The right answer is nothing than "Merceedes Benz Car"