Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Who is winning the presidential election?

Americans are going to elect their 44 th president. Today, there is going to be vote presidential election in the USA. There is tough competition between John McCain from rulling Republican Party and Barack Obama from opposition Democrat Party. Barack Obama is the well known lawyer whereas Mccain was the pilot for fighter plane. He fought as the American airforce soldier during Vietnam war and spent around 6 years as prisoner there.
I would like to request readers to guess, who is going to win the election and going to be the president of the USA? The result is expected to come shortly.
YES, AS PER MANY OF OUR FRIENDS GUESSED, BARACK OBAMA WON THE ELECTION WITH LANDSLIDE VICTORY! Congratulation to him and all who participated in the greatest democracy of the USA. The present President of AMERICA has already formed the panel of experts to help upcoming president. What a beautiful system is there. I have never heard, Democrat chanting poor words towards Republican and vise versa.
Is it imaginable in Nepal. Can we find the speech made by Prachanda, without chanting the bitter words toward Nepali Congress and Girija towards Prachanda. This is the biggest foul in Nepalese politics that we want to heighten our size by diminishing others. Unless and until, we stop to throw bitter words towards other, we will never able to get the peace and prosperity.
Let's start to honor others and think positively towards other!!!


आकार said...

वाराक ओवामा लाई शुभकामना !
उनैले जितुन् ।

akunwar said...

Certainly Barak Obama......., No doubt Rajendra ji.....!

akunwar said...

अनी साच्ची राजेन्द्रजी,
यस्मा चाँही कुनै पुरस्कार पाईन्छ कि पाइन्न ह ! आफुत पुरस्कार पाईन्छ भनेर ढुक्क बसेको छु