Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Extreme Difficulties in New Nepal

Despite of great expectation, our country Nepal is being worse each day.
In the thrust of making NEW NEPAL, we are loosing peace, prosperity and well being of Nepalese people in the past. Since few years nepalese people are experiencing unprecedented strikes called by different political parties and commnities. The larger number of Indian people have already acquired Nepalese Citizenship and now they are being the decisive in each and every corner. 16 hours out of 24, people are tolerating loadshedding. There is no water in the tape, no vehicle in the road and consequently no trust upon the Government. Dirty politicians are making our life more difficult everyday. They donot want to make our life convenient, peaceful and prosperous. Just they need to grab power.
Since last week, I am experiencing the same problems. After my return from Germany, I got opportunity to use internet in a week. It is also for around one hour only ! I am not being able to reach Surkhet my duty station. I am not being able to buy the necessary goods from market ! Everywhere there is chaos, uncertainty and inavailabilities of basic goods. People are facing each day morving towards the day of his or her funeral. No one can predict what will happen tomorrow. In this difficult situation, I can provide my sincere sympathy to my fellow citizens but can do nothing for the sake of them and myself. My fate has been written by these dirty and nonsense politicians. Everything bad to worse can be done by them but it is not expected that they could do something good for me and nepalese people.
I donot know what will happen one hour later ! Anything extremely unexpected could be the result here. Anyway let's hope something good will come out from the table talk between agitating parties and government. If something right occur, then it is possible for me to return back to my duty if not there is no option rather than cancelling.
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Lok Nath Paudel said...

It is the bitter truth of New Nepal! Every Nepalese is compelled to oblige it!!

Anonymous said...

It is the bitter truth of New Nepal! Every Nepalese is compelled to oblige it!!
Lok Nath Paudel