Sunday, 29 March 2009

Is the Hindi national language of NEW NEPAL ?!

When our Vice President Parmananda Jha took oath in Hindi, there was big cry in and outside Nepal. Our media also broadcasted the news about popular protest about taking oath in Hindi. But, during my recent visit to Nepal, I have shot the telecasting of two news channel "KANTIPUR" and "AAJTAK" at the same time, then I found difficulties to differentiate which one is our channel and whichone is others since both channel were telecasting the Pravachan of same Indian Guru and the medium of pravachan was in Hindi.
I surprised whether Hinda has already been to our national language in New Nepal?! or it is only the fond of nepalese TV King (Socalled !) to attract indian advertisement. Our media has never been responsible and nationale in front of big amount of money getting from Indian advertiser and Indian Embassy ! Comments are requested !

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