Thursday, 3 April 2008

Encounter with the Superstars! And, the first Autograph of my life!

I do not personally believe in Superhuman, thus in Superstar too, but the world makes you believe so. And, of course, I make the picture of people who are important in my life and important to the world. Thus, it will be really ironic to say I do not have my Superstars!

During my stay in Kathmandu in a short action meeting, I met my Superstar- Ajaya J. Kunwar, whom I believe as my Superstar. A short meeting with him in Kathmandu was just refreshing and beautiful despite my bad health condition that day. Though, I didn't enjoy Vodka Lemon on that day and couldn't take Momos, I just felt like meeting my old school fellow Superstar.

but on the way back to Delhi I met the Superstar, whom the world makes me believe, but strongly. I felt really lucky met such an impressive personality- Our Superstar- Rajesh Hamal. I was really surprised to see Rajeshji just next to my line. With no thoughts, I immediately entered into the communication with him.

I greeted him with my extraordinary way of sharing Namaste- and then I spoke to him about his memorial trip to my school in Jumla- Karnali Boarding School a couple of years back. He remembered the trip and with his humble personality he was interested to know about where I was heading and what I do.

Most important thing I can write with proud as a Nepalese citizen is that Rajeshji is my Superstar, who holds the highest place in my heart above Amitabh or any other Hollywood’s celebrities. I have the highest respects for him and he deserves such respects from each Nepalese for his lifelong contribution and dedication in Nepalese movie arena in Nepal.

This is why, I requested him for his valuable Autograph and also mentioned him that I was not fond of such autograph, but, since he was our Superstar, I would like to have the first Autograph of my life. Then, Rajeshji, with fascinating smile took the notebook and gave his Autograph. Well, I then tried to give him more space (I didn't constantly hook to him), believing Superstar needed respects and space to get in touch with other people. He was quite friendly with the group of Nepalese at the airport while waiting for the baggage at Delhi airport.

Rajeshji, in this way you drew a lot respects and honor from my side. I am thankful for your time and fruitful discussion. I am grateful to have you met in such a nice co-incidence. Wish you a success in your career and for your dreams to contribute in Nepalese film industries in a unique way in Nepal.

Note: I have not requested for permission to post any photos or autographs from Rajeshji. But, I simply dared to do this as his fan. For this, I sincerely apologize.

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आकार said...

Sometime, we met accidentally but they will be worthy too...