Saturday, 9 May 2009

The positive sides of Nepal among many challenges

Dr. Hari Datta Bhattarai, today provoked a presentation about the positive sides of Nepal. In the presentation, he covered different positive aspects of Nepal along with major progress made so far in the recent decades. He also presented many facts and figures on different sectors like road and infrastructure, education, health, economy, tourism etc. Despite the many problems and challenges, our country possesses diverse set of resources and committed people. If we could optimally used these resources and opportunities, definitely Nepal will be recognized as economically prosperous and peaceful country among the other countries in the world. The interaction cum presentaion program was moderated by Mr. Jitendra Mahat.


rajendra said...

The presentation was well woven with the beautiful art and scholastic abilities.

Presenter, Dr. Bhattarai, made an excellent presentation today. In his presentation, everyone was spell bound to know that we have really made revolutionary progress in many fields in Nepal. FUl ko Aakha ma Ful nai Sansar......Bhanne Geet jastai ramro Aakha le here hamro desh ramrai chha....We have achieved many things during recent years, in which all Nepalese should feel proud, was the gist of his presentation and all the participants agreed upon his conclusion.
Thanks a lot to Dr. Bhattarai for eye opening presentation.

loknath said...

It is a matter of joy to have such factual presentation when almost all people of the country are deprived with the circumstances of the nation. Thanks lot Dr. Bhattarai for the nice presentation!
It would be better, if possible, to post the materials, as it was done by Rajendra sir last time, or to send it to the GoeNES members by email. Looking forward to getting the materials!