Friday, 8 May 2009

Presentation by Dr. Bhattarai on positive aspects of Nepal

Dr. Hari Datta Bhattarai, the member of GöNeS (Goettingeli Nepalese Society) in Germany is going to give a thought provoking presentation about positive aspects and enthusiastic progress in Nepal. During the present period of growing negativism, and blaming others for all the evils, everything is KHATTAM (the Worst), Dr. Bhattarai will presents lots of positive things and progress that occurs or has been occured only in Nepal in the world. He will cover the major positive things and progress that Nepal has made in recent years. His presentation will certainly give the morale boost and tremendous enthusiasm among Nepalese to work for the sake of motherland.

Dr. Bhattarai has completed his doctorate in biological chemistry. He has extensively visited many parts of world for his scientific research. He has worked in Antarctica and found a very rare constituents in a kind of mosses there. He has patented his finding "Ramelin" in his name. He owns many articles in international journal of high impact factor.

Recently, he was awarded Humbold fellowship to continue his research career in Goettingen. The humbold fellowship is one of the highly reputed fellowship in the world among young scientist.
He has been living in Goettingen with his betterhalf Dr. Babita Paudel, who is also the scientist of organic chemistry by profession.
We will invite all Nepalese and well wisher of Nepal to participate in the talk programme organised by GöNeS at following time and venue.
Venue: Albrecht Thaer Weg 24D/11
Time: exactly 15:00
Date: 09.05.2009 (Saturday)

Everybody is invited to join the presentation cum talk programme. The participation is offcourse free of cost. The participant coming out of Goettingen is offered free accomodation and light meal. Further information can be obtained from 05512019218 (rajendra).

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Only free mean and accommodation .......? I wonder if long/short distance travel cost would also be available...