Tuesday, 30 June 2009

International Summer School 2009 in Göttingen, Germany

Dear All,
In case, the following announcements have not reached you, I would like to share with you the Call for Papers (attached) for the Summer-School inGoettingen, Germany, 21 Sept- 02 October 2009 (I am afraid this is during Dashain). In the mean time, please also have a look into the program that weare going to organize in Dehradun, in November 2009 under the following link:
For both cases, only the travel back and forth from Nepal will be considered.I am not sure whether I will join the Dehradun event, but for sure I will bein Goettingen during the summer school. It would be nice to meeting you some of you who are not in Goettingen.
I hope you all are doing fine.
PS: Please share this email to other colleagues who are graduated from Germanuniversities (forestry).

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