Monday, 1 June 2009

Ph D scholarship available in Australia

"Effects of variation in groundwater level on health of woody vegetation in the Australian outback"
Degree PhD Duration 3 years (Start: June 2009)
Principal Supervisors Prof. Mark A. Adams, Dr. Pauline F. Grierson, Dr. Sebastian Pfautsch Institutions involved
Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resource, University of Sydney
Ecosystems Research Group, School of Plant Biology, University of Western Australia
Keywords: Tree water use, Ecosystem health, Wood anatomy, Eucalyptus spp., Hydrology
The Pilbara, in the northwest of Australia, is an ancient landscape rich in minerals and has attracted large-scale mining operations.
Mining and several other industries and towns require the abstraction of groundwater. Changing the depth of water tables may affect vegetation, especially trees that may or may not be groundwater-dependent.
The proposed research will focus on how artificial lowering/raising of groundwater affects tree physiology, growth and health.
Students interested in this fascinating part of Australia and in developing knowledge of key and iconic species of Eucalyptus, Acacia and Melaleuca, as part of their PhD are strongly encouraged to apply. Research will use sap flow methods as well as a range of novel stable isotope approaches, micro-meteorological analyses, and model applications.
On a global scale, ecology and national economies are increasingly intertwined. PhD graduates in this important area of strategic basic research are keenly sought as employees by industry, government and non-government organizations. PhD candidates in this program will learn how to design and apply techniques used widely in field-based ecological research. The University of Sydney is one of the world’s top 50 universities.
Applicants should hold a M. Sc. or equivalent (average mark above 80%) in a discipline relevant to the topic (forestry, ecology, biology, environmental sciences, hydrology). The research project requires a high level of autonomy and organization. Extended working periods in remote field locations will be required. The applicants must demonstrate a strong interest and experience in conducting interdisciplinary research and should be willing to co-operated with other researchers. The applicants must meet TOEFL requirements for enrolment at any Australian University. The successful candidate will have to move to Australia for the period of the project.
Scholarship and tuition fees:
Outstanding candidates will be eligible for a $27K pa living allowance. Tuition fees will not be applicable. A modest relocation allowance will be negotiated.
Applicants should sent and application letter, CV, the name, postal and email address of two persons familiar with the previous performance of the applicant to:

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