Friday, 19 June 2009

A reception for Humboldt Scholars and their families by the Honorable President of Germay

Welcome speech by the President of Germany(center) ! His wife (left) and President of Humboldt fundation (right).
We were more than 1200 participants on the annual meeting of Humboldt foundation in Berlin on June 8-10, 2009. The President of Germany, Dr. Horst Köhler, gave a reception for the Humboldt fellows and their families in the garden of President office. Among these participants 613 were research fellow, 324 spouses and more than 300 childrens. All were in the same hotel and it was very big international gathering. The research fellows were from 82 countries. We were two nepalies families there. The other research fellow was Dr. Rameshor Adhakari from the Central Department of Chemistry, Tribhuvan University, Kirtipur, Kathmandu. He is Assistant Professor. Presently he is Humboldt fellow in Martin Luther University in Halle. He is going back to Nepal in last of July after completion of his research stay in Germany. I am sharing some of the photos of the ceremoney. However, I could not take a picture with the honorable president.

(Dr. H. Bhattarai and Dr. B. Paudel with other Nepalese scholars at the premise of Premises of President's Office, Berlin, Germany!)


rajendra said...

Congratulation Dr. Bhattarai, Dr. Paudel and other senior scientists ! It was really pleasant and rare occasion to see that the people who came from relatively remote areas of Nepal, worked hard to fulfill his/her dreams, and as the result achieved such a prestigious place ! It is not really really a big achievement.
Until few year back, whenever I used to see lots of Indian and other people doing their post doc studies, I used to think that if some Nepalese would be here doing at least same level of study, how pleasant it used to be ! With the arrival of Dr. Bhattarai and his better half Dr. Paudel, my dreams became fulfilled in some extend. Now, we can proudly talk with others our colleague doing post doc reasearch in our university ! What a sweet matter to share !

Further, I am impressed with the particapation of the Presdent of Germany. What a respect and dedication they have towards the development of Science ! What a big priority they place for the development of education and technogy. I compare his with our leaders. Our leaders find time to participate in "PAWANKALI" but never find times to visit "TU", "PU" or such other academic institutions. Then, we can imagine how poor priority is given to education in our country from rulers. Like Padmashumsher Rana, who once said after the inauguration of Darbar High school, 'I have axed my own leg by establishing schools today'.

Still the same mentality that our leaders owned! They donot want to axe their legs by strengthening the academic institutions in the country, however they will not remain back to claim that they are really working for the development of this sector!

Anyway, I am very happy to know that our friends are getting such a big achievement on the basis of their hard works and merit. We extends our heartly congratulation to them and wish all the best in coming days! We will be hoping more happy news from them in coming days !

akunwar said...

Nice to see Nepalese Humboldt fellows picture and their participation. Its a great environment and achievement to have program like this with president of Germany. You all might have very good time there. But there must be some other Nepalese Humboldt fellows because I know one of my friend Dr. Haimanti Bhattacharya, a Humboldt fellow (from Biratnagar) is also working in Freie University, Berlin as a post doc.

Anonymous said...

Its really impressive that Nepalese in Goettingen created a common platform to share their views, ideas. why nt the nepalese from other parts of Germany too can participate in this?

Max Planck, Freiburg