Saturday, 22 August 2009

Flower Business around the the highways in Germany

During my recent visit to Swabische Albs (near to Ulm), Germany, I got an opportunity to see the excellent management of flowericulture and its marketing possibilities. This flower gardens could be found everywhere in Germany near to Highways (not the main highway such as Autobahn, but in Landes Strasse and Bundestrasse). These gardens are meant to sale the flowers to those who are travelling to and from and donot find time to buy cut flowers from supermarket. They stop near to flower garden and cut flowers and pay for it. Since the presenting flowers to their beloved one is the part and parcel of the German culture, it is very popular business in Germany and abroad..

Does any of you know more about further management principles beyond this about which I am going to talk tonight. Can you guess how this business runs?

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