Saturday, 8 August 2009

RAKSHABANDHAN celebrated !

Rakshabandhan is popularly known for the celebration of the festival to strengthen the love, affection and ties between sisters and brothers. There are two big festivals in Hindu culture namely Tihar and Rakshabandhan which is mainly meant for brothers and sisters. In these festival, sisters offer Tika to their brothers in Tihar and Bandhan (Rakhi) in the Rakshabandhan. With the offering of this cotton bands, sister wishes the long life, better health and prosperity of her brothers. In the family, where the children are together, sister ties the rakhi band to their brothers, presents some sweets and delicious foods to their brother. In return, brothers provide gifts to their sisters. The gifts include nice clothes, money or such other things. Even after the marriage, the sisters used to come to the house of their brothers or invite them to her house to celebrate this occasion.
As the MUDULA karki, we never celebrate Tihar (the second largest festival of Nepalese Hindu), we used to celebrate Rakshabandhan. Some people used to say that this is the imported culture from India. Might be or might not be! In Goettingen, due to some technical problems, we celebrated Rakshabandhan today, however it is few days ago in fact. Beloved daughter, Aarju offered RAKHI to her brothers (Ravi and Avi). In return, ravi and avi presented her small gifts and few moneys that we gave to them! Here are some photos of the event. I hope that you will recall your celebration and enjoy it...


Baburam said...

Happy Rakshyabandan 'Jainai Purnima' to all Goettingeli Society

D. Gautam said...

Wow! how beautiful Rakhi. Where you got these rakhi? I am wondering can we buy in Geottingen? Congratulations to Aarju, Avi and Ravi.

D. Gautam said...

Wow, how beautiful Rakhi! Where you got these Rakhis in Geottingen. I am wondering can we buy it in Geottingen. Congratulations Aaju for first Rakhi to your beloved brothers Avi Kiran and Ravi Kiran.

loknath said...

Dear Rajendra sir,
Thanks lot for continuing our culture in Germany! I wish to be there to celebrate Dashain again if not in Teej!

Teejako Rahara Aayo Barilai!
I came to know that Rajendra sir is always busy in field work. Probably you have got Tanki and Koiralo upto now, which was your utmost interest since last 3 years!!!

I would like to invite Aasha sister and Nani-Babuharu to be in my place to celebrate Teej. This is a heartfelt invitation from your elder brother for the TEEJ!

rajendra said...

Dear Lok Nath sir

We are eagerly waiting for your arrival in Goettingen. We are very much expecting a "Big Khasi" in this DASHAIN. You are given full responsibility and accountability to manage it. I hope that you will manage it.

Dashain Ka Jamara ra hajoor ko HAATH ko Tika Juryo bhane AAHOBHAGYA hunethiyo. Anyway, Bhauju lai dherai dherai TEEJ ko subhakamana. USha bhauju lai pani lyaunu parchha hai DAshain ma aauda.

Hasta feri bhetaula!!!