Friday, 4 September 2009

BBC: Documentary about Nepalese Forestry

Dear esteemed readers of our blog

Today, BBC world service is going to telecast a mind blowing documentary about Nepalese forestry. The time for telecast of the show is 21:30 (Berlin time).

Please watch it and provide comments to the show. Probably it is the documentary about leasehold forestry!

The BBC says in its website:

Lease of Life - 4 September

The magnificence of the Himalayas stands in stark contrast to impoverished lives of its denizens. But the poorest of the poor are now in the forefront of a controversial new government scheme to reforest barren hillsides –and planting trees helps absorb CO2.

The scheme has given Laxmi, a poor landless farmer a new lease of life. But wealthier villagers criticize the scheme insisting the land could be put to better use. Earth Report investigates

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