Saturday, 12 September 2009

German forestry is not only for timber production

I have got an opportunity to work in the different areas of Germany for my research work. As I have widely travelled into the forests of Swabische Albs, Schorfheide and Hainich, I have lots of good memory and new learnings about it. The management, information systems and eco-tourism inside the forests are among the deep impressions that I have acquired. Forests are being managed more for the eco-tourisms point of view. The main goal of the forest management is not the harvesting of the timber, but it is for the recreation of the people. We got an opportunity to experience their recreational activities inside forests. I will certainly upload these photos in coming days but for the moment, I have some photos to share with you. Please enjoy the calmness and beauty of german forests..
Wild boars could be seen here and there. They are generally managed for the hunting desires of German people. Hunting controls the prolific reproduction of Wild boars in one hand and provide lots of income to the state!
Resin tapping was also an income generation activity in the past at East Germany. In Nepal, we are practicing this Rill method of resin tapping from Pine trees!
The panoramic reflection of trees in the moores!
Nearby areas have been leased to farmers to grow crop and animals. The average size of lease land is around 500 hectares. In photo, the cattle raising could be seen however the quality of this photo is not that much good!
I realise that why people used to say that "rest of the soul" in the sad demise of human being. Grave is calm and peaceful, and also better place to realise the "Final Truth"
This is the home garden. And, real Bio-production of vegetables!

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