Thursday, 22 October 2009

Good bye to MAHAT Family

Mr. and Mrs. Mahat
There are many persons in the world, who should be remmembered for their efforts to make other people happy. These kinds of people become happy to create happiness to others. They forget their difficulties to make others life easy. They donot count about the loss of their times and benefits to make others time fruitful. They used to be satisfied to satisfy others needs.
Eventhough these kinds of people are very limited in the world, still exists. Among these kinds of people, Mr. Jeetendra and Mrs. Bhagawati Mahat are. Mr. Jeetendra and his wife Bhagawati were always became happier to give others. In time of needs, they were omnipresent to help others. If anyone ask for the any kind of help, they tried to help others nomatter when they were asked to help. For them, day and night, off and on duty hour, they went to supports. There are not any nepalese family in the Goettingen, Germany who have not been supported by them at the time of need. I am one of them. I got their support with or without asking many times. For all these we are very grateful to him and his family.

Mr. Jeetendra Mahat has successfully completed his M.Sc. in Tropical and International Forestry (TIF) from world renowned Georg-August University Goettingen. He has completed master degree with specialisation on Soil Carbon. For his master thesis, he was supervised by world class professors like Edzo Veldkamp and Dirk Hölscher. I am very sure that he has enjoyed and benefited alot by their excellencies in the subject matters. It is sure that his study will certainly benefit the Department of Forests in particular and nepalese people in general to fulfill the inavailablity of highly qualified man power in this field of soil carbon.
Mr. Mahat was very sobre personality. The persons who once come in his contact used to become highly impressed by his honest, dedicated and helpful personalities.
Mrs. Bhagawati Mahat, the better half of Jeetendra, was very much helpful to others. She was popular among not only Nepalese communities but also many international students families. Despite of language problems, she used to communicate even with non English speakers and used to organise gatherings and invite them for dinner and launches. With her tireless efforts, many foreigners have very good impressions about rich and friendly nepalese culture. Thanks alot for them for their efforts.

The children John and Angila Mahats were also very wonderful children. John has the mixture of all the talency and extraordinary characteristics. He is very talented boy, mastering in "Drawings", "Dancing" and intermixing abilities. Angila was also very nice child, who enjoys to play with other nepalese children.

For all the genuity and supports that they bestowed to GöNeS and us, they will be missed alot in Goettingen, Germany. We all are very thankful to them and would like to extend our best wishes for their successful journey and better future.

Mahat family will return motherland (Nepal) tomorrow early morning. After reaching the country, he will rejoin the government service and serve the Department of Forests with acquired new skills and knowledge. We wish him all the success for his career. Hoped that you have enjoyed the life in Goettingen and Germany and will certainly come here again for your further study, Ph.D. in short time.

Have a very nice, pleasant, safe and happy journey!

Bhagawati Mahat with Angila
Master of all: John Mahat
Angila Mahat

Dancing performance by John Mahat


Babita Paudel said...

Thank you Rajendra sir for your wonderful article having real praise and full of blessing to Mahat family.
We would also like to wish a pleasant and safe journey to Jeetendra jee, Bhagawati jee and lovely kinds and best of luck for comming days.

Baburam said...

We wish Jitendrajee, Bhagawati bahuju, John and Angila of their safe,comfortable and enjoyable travel to Nepal. Yes, they deserve all aspects and respects as mentioned by Rajendrajee and many more. We wish all the best of them for their prosperous bright future.

Best wisher,
Baburam & Pratima

D. Gautam said...

My family also extend best wishes for every success in his and his families future careers.

I am quite sure that the enhanced knowledge, skills and exposure from world renowned university will be very helpful means and tools for Jitendra and his family on reaching out in destination of your precious career. May your endeavors will promote quality and just full services to our beloved nation.

Milan said...

Really its so nice to have a touch with such a helpful and courageous persons like Mahat family. We got a little chance to spent some time with mahat family and that moments were great. I still have the tastes of dishes Bhauju prepared in my tong and the lovely but calm voice of Dai. And obviously how to forget the dance and german language of John. I heartly welcome Mahat family in nepal. And wish mahat family a happy and prosperous life ahead. . . .

loknath said...

Thanks lot Rajendra sir for the factual writings! We also wish all the best to Jeetendraji and his family members and we are eagerly waiting them to welcome in our house, kathmandu soon.
Lok Nath and Usha Paudel

akunwar said...

Right comments on right time, thanks Rajendra Ji for writing this article. Yes I do agree with you Mahat family were the charming family in Goettinegn, we had really good time with Mahat family, we certainly miss John break dance and smiling face of Jitendra ji, and ofcourse Bhauju and fuchhi....though being a quite late person...I wish a successful life ahead for Mahat family.