Thursday, 15 October 2009

Good news about Nepal in German News paper

This morning, happy news comes to my door! The happy news doesnot belong to my small family here but about my country. The happy news comes through the local daily newspaper named "Goettinger Tageblatt" meaning "Daily News paper from Goettingen". In the back cover of the news paper, there is the news about the world's shortest man, Khagendra Thapa Magar. When I saw the photo (in the left), I thought that what a nepalese face?! Then, I narrowed down my viewing and read the news about, actually he is nepalese but not the same one what I am looking for. I didnot realize the main person who made us proud, Khagendra! I didnot realise him in the beginning thinking that it is the doll between two people. But the news made me wrong! He was really the big man to make my country proud, he was Khagendra Thapa magar. He is the shortest man in the whole world. The news was about the celebration of his 18th Birthday. The paper says that the former shortest man in the world, named He Pingping (China) was 73 centimeter tall.
Khagendra Thapa magar is 17 cm shorter than earlier shortest person in the world. The news made me happy this morning and provide lots of inspiration to. The small (short man) made our country proud where many tall (socalled) and big people doing nothing for the sake of country. I salute the shortest man of the world! We extend our best wishes for his long life and better future!