Sunday, 11 October 2009

Ph.D. positions available in Germany

5 PhD POSITIONS are open in the Department of Forest Ecology, Forest Research Institute of Baden-Wuerttemberg in Freiburg (Projects 1 and 4), Institute of Plant Breeding, Seed Science and Population Genetics, University of Hohenheim (Project 2), Institute for Landscape Matter Dynamics in Müncheberg (part of the Leibnitz-Institute für Agrarlandschaftsforschung and located close to Berlin (Project 3) and Institute of Forest Botany and Tree Physiology, University of Freiburg (Project 4.

Adaptation of forest trees to climatic change - Diversity of drought responses in Douglas-fir provenances

Global climate change will result not only in increased air temperatures but also in an increase of drought periods in Central Europe. In order to mitigate the effects of climate change the aim of this research program is to understand the diversity of drought responsive mechanisms in trees and to develop tools and assays to identify tree provenances which are adapted to future climatic conditions and drought.
For this purpose, intraspecific differences in adapted drought responsive mechanisms will be studied in various provenances of Douglas-fir from the molecular to the organism level. Currently we are looking to fill 5 PhD positions in the following areas:

• A MOLECULAR PLANT PHYSIOLOGIST to characterise the regulation of drought responses (Project 1)

• A BIOINFORMATICS SCIENTIST or PLANT EVOLUTIONARY GENETICIST for SNP detection and molecular marker development (Project 2)

• An ECOPHYSIOLOGIST for stable isotope analysis and metabolite profiling (Project 3)

• Two ECOPHYSIOLOGISTS or BIOCHEMISTS to study the regulation of isoprenoid metabolism and emission patterns of volatile organic compounds (Project 4)

Applicants should hold a M.Sc. or equivalent (German Diploma) in a discipline relevant to one of the above specified projects (e.g. biology, forestry, environmental sciences, biochemistry, biogeochemistry, bioinformatics, molecular biology, ecology, population genetics). The projects require a high level of autonomy and organization. Extended periods of field work at experimental sites in Germany might be required. The applicants must demonstrate a strong interest and experience in conducting interdisciplinary research and should be willing to co-operate with the members of the research team.

Earliest starting date is December 1, 2009 or later.
For further information please contact one of the following addresses or send your application including a cover letter, CV, plus addresses of two references (name, postal and email address) to: (Projects 1 and 4) (Project 2) (Project 3) (Project 4)

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