Friday, 9 October 2009

Tropentag 2009

NEPALESE participants in Tropentag 2007 at Goettingen, Germany (Top) and other photos (below) nepalese participants in Tropentag 2009 at Hamburg, Germany.

The Tropentag Conference 2009 was just completed yesterday. It was organized in beautiful city Hamburg in Germany from 6-8 October 2009. This conference was jointly organized by BMZ, GTZ/BEAF, ATSAF, the Eiselen-Stiftung, the DAAD and the DFG. In the conference more than 700 hundreds participants (practitioners, promoters, professors, researchers, academicians, activists, students....) were actively participated to cross-share on the technology, innovations, research findings and experiences from different countries in the world. The major focus of conference was International Research on Food Security, Natural Resources Management and Rural Development under the Biophysical and Socio-economic Frame Conditions for the Sustainable Management of Natural Resources. The presentation were divided under 11 different themes like i)Desertification, sustainable management and global conservations, ii) Climate change, carbon, soil and water iii) Diversity and conservation, iv) crop science and land use, v) Animal sciences, vi) Forest management and perennial crops, vii) Institutions and macro-economics, viii) Food security, nutrition and health, ix) Engineering, x) Participation and xi) Micro-economics. On top of that, GTZ also shared the institutional approaches to development of biophysical and socio-economic frame conditions for the sustainable management of natural resources.

In the conference, about 30 Nepalese Professionals, Researchers, Students and Practitioners... also participated and shared their research findings and innovations through oral and poster presentations. The presence of the Nepalese was remarkable in terms of numbers of the participants and the numbers of sharing of poster and oral presentations.

There were four presentation from the members of Goettingeli Nepalese Society (GöNeS). Three oral presentations from Dev Raj Gautam/Netra Bhandari, Jeetendra Mahat and Dr. Lok Nath Paudel and a poster from Rajendra K.C. were to follow the long and successful continuation of GöNeS members participation in Tropentag. Dev Raj Gautam and Netra Bhandari presented the sensational issue on "Community Forest Management in Nepal for Achieving Millennium Development Goals", Dr. Lok Nath presented "Socio-economic and Biophysical Conditions for the Sustainable Livestock Management: A Case Study of Nepal", Jeetndra Mahat presented on his research entitled "An Assessment of Carbon Sequestration Potential of Different Land Use Systems in Leyte, Philippines" and Rajendra K.C. presented a poster entitled "Does Community Forestry Survive on Restructuring New Nepal?" All the presentations made by our Nepalese friends were among the excellent presentation made there. You can view the presentation in coming days in our blog and you can contact us if you need the hard copy of our presentation.

The next Tropentag 2010 is due for 14-16 September 2010 in Zurich, Switzerland. We wish to get larger participation from Nepalese scholars there!

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Baburam said...

Thanks Devraj Jee for Tropentag updates. This is great achievement of GoeNeS and every friends who participated. Hopefully, I will be there to attend 2010 Tropentag in Zurich. Great time and fun!!!!