Sunday, 8 November 2009

Congratulation to Dr. Babita Paudel

On behalf of nepali society in Gottingen, I would like to congratulate to Dr. Babita Paudel for her success to get a prestigious Alexender von Humboldt Postdoctoral Fellowship ( How prestigious and well known is the awards, could be guessed through the fact that the two noble prize winners of this year (Economics) and 43 noble laureates upto now were once the Humboldt Fellow like her.

On the basis of my knowledge, Dr. Paudel completed her MSc in Botany from TU, Kirtipur on 2005. Then, on 2009, she did her Ph.D. in Biology from Soonchunhyang University, South Korea. During her Ph.D. she studied the medicinal importance of lichens from the Antarctica. She has discovered several medicinally important compounds from the lichens and published several scientific papers in the international Journals. To continue her such research using Nepali resources, she applied for the postdoct research fellowship to the Alexender von Humboldt Foundation. The foundation accepted her proposal and awarded the scholarship for one year term. She will investigate the medicinal importance of mountainous lichens from Nepal especially from Srinagar, Palpa Tansen; Sarankot, Pokhara; Nagarjun, Kathmandu. She will conduct this research in the Institute of Organic Chemistry, Gottingen University, Germany. The scholarship is one of the best in Germany as well as in the world. It is highly competitive and prestigious. Eventhough she has lots of academic achievements and published her results in international journals of high impact factors, she has simple lifestyle. As rightly said, the action works stronger than the words, she has never shown any pomposity. As She is always been inspiring to all of us, always eager to help and encourage others.
We are proud of this outstanding achievement of Dr. Paudel and we wish her success in future research career.


Anonymous said...


She is pride of Nepal!!!

Babu Kaji

Dhruba said...

I feel proud to about her and her great achievement.
Congratulations and best of luck ahead!!

akunwar said...

Congratulation from my side as well. Both husband and wife are Humboldt fellow, whats else one can achieve. Its really a great achievement. Congrats one again.

voice4earth said...

keep it up sister