Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Differences between abroad and Motherland !

An American Professor asked us a very crucial question about the differences between motherland and abroad. We donot know whether we could satisfy him with our answer or not, but the small movie clip about it is here.

Professor Dr. Tom Hammett, a senior professor at world famous Virginia Tech University the USA, has lots of love and faith upon Nepal and Nepalese. We were highly impressed with his fluency in speaking and understanding Nepalese language and culture. He has already worked for the forestry education in Nepal through the USAID project at Institute of Forestry, Pokhara Nepal. He has already visited more than 50 times to our country Nepal.

I have not seen yet any scholar who once visited nepal, doesnot love the country. They always talk about the natural beauty and friendliness of nepalese people. They say that we have tremendous opportunities and possibilities to develop our country, only the problem is that hard work, dedication from political parties and leaders and peaceful environment.

Please enjoy the movie clip and provide your valuable feedbacks...

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GetInNepal said...

Great! That makes us happy right!

I understand how we feel if someone mention about our country.