Sunday, 24 January 2010

Few photos of Arnav Bhattarai!

Just to show you the short movie clips!
Arvan on father's lap; as lucky parents so lucky is the son!
We all are happy to see you happy! We wish all the best to new born "ARNAV"
Arnav is the very very handsome boy! Looks quite similar to his mother in appearance with round face!
Parental care! Father Hari D. Bhattarai trying to take the son from his mother!
There are many things to learn from German and German system. Eventhough this card cost not expensive in monetary term, but the emotion and feelings attached it with is invaluable. Doctors and medical team presented their well wishes to Arnav with this card and pretty photo! It would be really nice if our medical, hospitals learn these things!
Aasha, Aarju and Cizita are happy to take photo with Arnav!
Mother Dr. Babita Paudel Bhattarai resting on the bed, others are nepalese visitors!
What a handsome boy is Arnav!
The outside scene of University Medical of Goettingen University! The hospital is one of the best hospital in the world!
One part of the hospital, photo taken from the window of the room where Arnav is staying at present!

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