Sunday, 14 February 2010

Do you know about this historical photo?

Do you know anything about this picture? It was taken by someone 40 years ago! Look the simplicity of this picture. The picture was taken to honor the successful of some great things. Look the garlands of the successful persons. How thin is it? When I see the 20 kg or more garlands of flowers nowadays to very unpopular and failed leaders neck, I compare them with this photo. A successful person doesnot need big amount of flowers, large size of garlands and fashionable clothes ! When there is the motto "Simple living and higher thinking", success is on their feet!
I would like to ask you to identify about the history of this photo. Who are in these photos? At least two very successful persons can be seen in this photo, Just concentrate on number 4 and 6 from left and send us your opinion!
I have copied this photo from someones web ! I will disclose the source only after few weeks since I have asked you to guess the name of celebrities!


Dhruba Panthi said...

I guess they are Baburam Bhattarai and Upendra Devkota..

Damodar said...

Photos from the left: 4th Dr. BR Bhattarai
6th: Dr. UP Devkota

... but both of them are politically not successful yet.

Babita Paudel said...

१९७० मा एस्.एल्.सी.मा वोर्डफस्ट भएपछि लुइँटेल स्कूलमा आयोजित अभिनदन समारोह पछि शिक्षक र सहपाठिहरुका साथ (वाँयावाट बाबुराम चौथो र उपेन्द्र देवकोटा छैटौं)

Baburam said...

Why not to take such context!!!
Forth is Dr. Bhattari and 6th is Dr. Upendra Devkota.