Sunday, 4 April 2010

Tribute to Late Girija Prasad Koirala

As this small candle, his effort and merits spread light and wisdom to all, and break darkness to the country
As mother and motherland are above all, our motto of GöNeS, fits to his whole life!
We salute Late GP Koirala for his untiring efforts to establish Democracy in Nepal..
You will be remembered for years.......
Participants of the programme
Mr. Dev Raj Gautam provided a nice presentation about the political career and contribution of Late GP Koirala to Nepal.
All the members of GöNeS participated in the programme!
Small room was full of participants...
Mr. Netra Bhandari gave a start up speech and food of thoughts for the programme!

On 30 March, Goettingeli Nepalese Society (GoNeS) organised a condolence meeting to pay tribute to historical leader of Nepal, who fought for the democracy and people rights throughout his life. He spent all his life fighting against Rana autocrat and Monarch's Oligocrat. He became prime minister for record five times in Nepal. He will be remembered for establishing democracy and safe landing Maoist guerilla war. Due to his determination and involvement, the 250 years long Monarchism has ended peacefully.
GoNeS, irrespective of his political ideology, organised this condolence programme to pay a deep tribute to the freedom fighter and historical leader of Nepal.
May God provide peace to his eternal soul! And, enough courage and wisdom to our remaining political leaders to establish peace and progress, democratic and develop country!

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