Sunday, 25 September 2011

PM Baburam Bhattarai adresses UN general assembly

How do you grade his speech? I found it as the general statement and many places, while trying to be more democratic, freedom fighter, loses the benefit of the country. Specially I have very strong disagreement in the final sentence of his speech. And, also not happy to support Palestine to be rather new country. In the interest of Nepalese people, it used to be the nicest decision if we remain "NEUTRAL" in this issue. We expect your thoughtful comments and feed back.....

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Anonymous said...

Well said, Dr. Baburam.
This is a fitting speech by Nepal's new leader.
He has touched on various subjects, and I admire his sense of variety. I loved his statement about UN being an Umbrella organization of superpower, which is evidenced by the US's single-handed blockade of Palestine's membership (Veto sucks).
And I think did the right thing by backing up Palestine, I agree with him. Staying Neutral is not a solution. For UN to properly function as a global parliament, we ought to consider everyone's opinion on the matter; and majority are of the opinion that Palestine ought to be given membership. Why has US become a bully in the UN? It's become the UN-of-A, lately.

About his comment about the LLDCs deserving a right to a free transit from the nearest water route, I couldn't agree more. Nepal has potential, and it just needs free transit to the Bay of Bengal (and more roads, and infrastructures, while we're at it). I hope India considers this proposition.

I say, from his position, this is the best damn statement that could have been made, and he made it!!!